About Aensis

Company Specialized in Next-Generation CyberDefense Technologies
Advanced Technology Provides the Highest Level of Threat Visibility & Protection
A Trusted Company Fully Compliant with European Data Protection Regulations
Unique Services Allow Unprecedent Visibility and Peace of Mind for Businesses & Organizations


To effectively secure your business, our experts can recommend you the following offerings:
Enterprise-Class CyberDefense Appliances
Unlike new generation firewalls (NGFW) or traditional UTM devices, Aensis CyberDefense appliances offer Full Spectrum protection and are not limited to generic applications as competing offerings. ZeroSecond™ Protection technology and our advanced Machine Learning-based Traffic Inspection Engine protect your business from the latest threats, both known and unknown.
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Private Satellite Time-Sync Services
With these services enabled on our appliances, you can guarantee exact timestamps on networked computers for accurate Forensics and effective execution of critical scheduled tasks such as backups and other time-dependent transactions. Avoid relying on Public Internet Time Servers prone to Cyberattacks.
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CyberSecurity Expert Consulting
Aensis provide Actionable Intelligence and Insights that enable your Company or Organization to stay ahead of hackers, cyber-terrorists and ill-intentioned competing parties. Our detailed reports and advice are completely tailored to the current workflow of operations in your Business or Organization, for increased impact and efficiency.
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Contact us

López de Neira, 3 Vigo, ES
Customer Support
E-mail: sistemas@aensis.com Phone: (+34) 886164659

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