Aensis CyberDefense Systems

Protect What Is Yours™

Unlike new generation firewalls (NGFW) or traditional UTM devices, Aensis CyberDefense appliances offer Full Spectrum protection and are not limited to generic applications as competing offerings. ZeroSecond ™ Protection technology and our advanced Machine Learning based Traffic Inspection Engine protect your business from the latest threats, both known and unknown.

Aensis Full Spectrum Protection technology allows our devices to scan all network packets over their entire length, unlike competitors who, in order to provide decent network speed across the device, analyze only the first bytes of packets, which renders their “security”  useless. If only a fraction of the traffic is analyzed, that practice can not be called security at all.

Our Advanced CyberDefense appliances are capable of analyzing each byte of incoming and outgoing packets, at high speed and with virtually zero packet loss. In this way, previously “hidden” or “stealth” threats become visible and appropriate protection measures can be applied.

At the same time, the integration of fully-featured SIEM Console Facilities enable unprecedent visualization and management of Cyberthreats in an easy and practical way for IT Administrators and Security Service Providers.

Enjoy Rich-Data Visualization that includes all the relevant events and information to stay ahead of hackers and cyber-terrorists, from the characteristics of the software employed in the Reconaissance & Attack campaigns by hackers to GeoLocation data provided by the built-in Big-Data Facilities.

Since today hackers and cyber-terrorists make Router and Network Appliances’s firmware the target of most attacks, we have implemented Military-Grade Security and Mandatory Access Controls on our CyberDefense appliances, making them tampering-proof so they continue to provide excelent service for a long time.

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