Aensis Avizor™


Avizor™ is a powerful tool to detect dangerous traffic patterns. Thanks to this additional appliance, IT security departments can reap huge benefits for collecting IP traffic statistics.

IT security professionals must take into account all Aensis CyberDefense devices as security cameras that continously monitor your network; Avizor™ allows them go back in time and investigate suspicious traffic reported by any number of devices installed. Understanding who talks to whom, how they are talking and for how long; These details can add a much-needed dimension to the knowledge of the network situation. Avizor™ technology presents all this information in a unified way for you to assess at a glance the status of the security of your network infrastructure.

Similarly, this information may also help detect malicious program behaviors that indicates compromise in some system. Since flow report data can be archived indefinitely, it allows companies to provide demonstrable evidence of compliance with internal policies as government regulations and best industry practices.

Analytical data provided by Avizor™ can be reviewed from either Desktop or mobile devices, such smartphones and tablets, for ease and convenience.

With Aensis Avizor™, our CyberDefense appliances become highly valuable assets that greatly improve overall security and network visibility. By collecting and analyzing existing data flow, Aensis provides network visibility in the depth required to detect and mitigate a wide range of security issues at a fraction of the cost of conventional monitoring solutions. Avizor™ also combines these deep insights with network threat information provided by perimeter sensors to provide even greater contextual intelligence.

Avizor™ can be particularly useful in cases of:

-Network Security vulnerabilities and anomaly detection.
-Network Problem Troubleshooting.
-Analysis of new applications and their impact on the network.
-Detection of unauthorized WAN traffic.
-Validation of QoS parameters.
-Reduction of peak WAN traffic.
-Long Term Regulatory Compliance.
-Enhancement of Network Productivity.
-Monitor Usage Of network resources.
-Analysis of impact of network changes.


Avizor™ is a Registered Trademark of Aensis.
MacBook Pro™ and iPhone™ are Registered Trademarks of Apple, Inc.

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